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An HTS Rebuilt Transmission

is a top quality unit in every way: built by the best technicians, with the best parts, for the best price! Each case is checked thoroughly for tolerances, and any case reconditioning is done in house. We stock most popular Fuller, Spicer, and Meritor transmissions for immediate exchange, or we can repair or rebuild your unit.

Our current labor rate is $95.00 per hour.

A rebuilt transmission, ready for pickup.
We service and sell FRO Series transmissions including the internal cooler style shown here.

Here are several of the transmission unit numbers that we stock. This list is intended to demonstrate the wide range of our stock inventory. These models range from the uncommon unit to the most widely used transmission.

  • 1241D
  • 1463A
  • AT 1202
  • ESO 66-7B
  • FRO 16210C
  • FS 6306A
  • FSO 6406A
  • MO-16G10A
  • RMX 10165A
  • RMX 9155B
  • RT 20629-102
  • RT 6610
  • RT 6613
  • RTLO 18718B
  • RTLO 18918B
  • RTLO 16913A
  • RTLO 20918B
  • RTLO 16713A
  • RTO 14613
  • RTO 15715
  • RTO 15618
  • RTO 12513
  • RTO 9513
  • RTX 14609B
  • RTX 13710C
  • RTXF 14909MLL

If what you need is not listed, give us a call. Chances are we have it, or we know where to get it. If you are not sure of your model number, call for technical advice.

What is best for me?

In a hurry? Bring us your old transmission, and we will send you out with a rebuilt exchange, usually in less than one hour. Your clutch linkage, yoke and other specific parts will be changed over while you wait. 1-year unlimited mile warranty.

If you have the time, we can usually rebuild your unit for less than a full exchange.

If your unit has a specific problem, (ie. a synchro or a bearing failure) we can usually repair the unit on a same-day basis.